Reilloc Chain
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This design of the Reilloc scraper bar comprises two interlocking pieces which dovetail together, final fastening being by two horizontal bolts. Standard Grade 10.9 bolts with Grade 10 Nyloc nuts can be used, although more commonly Huck bolts are standard supply. Both bolting systems are fully interchangeable. It is normal for the nut or ferrule in the case of Huck bolts, to be on the trailing side of the bar, as illustrated above.

The Reilloc system allows the horizontal bolts to be removed and the two halves of the bar to be disengaged from the chain anywhere along the conveyor.

The manufacture of the scraper bars is by drop forging with a quality heat-treated steel. If a stronger bar is required, the bars are forged using the same dies, but with alloy steel equivalent to the material used for chain manufacture. This not only provides a stronger bar, but improves its impact resistance without any increase in weight so that its no-load characteristics are not compromised.

Operational experience has demonstrated that this design has low no-load characteristics, coupled with an effective shape related to material carry back. These features minimize the amount of power absorbed operating the chain assemblies during coal production.

The Reilloc twin inboard scraper bar is particularly suited for the use of Huck bolts. The horizontal bolting system does not restrict the design of the clamping collar or the Huck installation tooling, and provides adequate bolt length for elastic grip.

Based on extensive experience with arduous conveying conditions, Huck provide Reilloc with special fasteners which have longer than standard collars to reduce the possibility of deformation under impact loading