Reilloc Chain
Chain Cutters

Mining chain, scraper bars, flight bars and connectors ... unrivalled quality

Reilloc Chain are the UK's leading supplier of longwall mining chain, scraper bars and accessories. We have built an enviable reputation around the world for quality, reliability and performance. Our mining chain has been supplied to major coal producers whose longwall mines have achieved both national and world production records.

Our prestigious BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation forms the umbrella of our comprehensive quality assurance system. Any failures underground are unacceptable so our quality procedures involve the most extensive non-destructive and destructive testing at different levels of manufacture so that we provide our customers with the world's finest mining chain. Acknowledged around the world, our high performance mining chain has set new standards of performance, pushing the barriers of chain longevity to new levels. We offer a wide range of mining chain connectors, scraper bars and flight bars for new and existing installations.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is based on the simple philosophy of supplying you with the optimum mining chain solution for your longwall - without compromise! Our commitment to performance doesn't stop once we've supplied the equipment. We advise all our customers on systems of chain management to assist in obtaining longer life and reliability - in the never-ending quest to reduce operational costs.